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A Professional Tree Care & Preservation Company
A Professional Tree Care & Preservation Company
A Professional Tree Care & Preservation Company
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Ickes Tree Service offers a full list of tree care services including:

Tree Pruning

One basic housekeeping chore that might help a struggling tree would be pruning. Pruning is an oft-needed maintenance treatment for good tree health and safety but pruning without a good reason is not good tree care practice.

Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

Although we consider every option to preserve your trees, sometimes due to generally poor condition, inappropriate location, unacceptable risk or other criteria, removal is simply the best management option.

Consultation & Evaluation

To determine the impact on the affected plants, develop plans to mitigate the impact on the plants, and develop a program to maintain or increase plant health.

Tree Surgery

Cabling is when cables are installed in the tree to help reduce forces to a limb crotch area. Cables need to be installed in the proper location and with the proper material. More harm can come from improper installed cables than leaving the tree alone.

Tree Preservation

Tree preservation is the management of stresses the tree experiences and is primarily the protection of the tree’s root system before, during, and after construction to reduce stress that could lead to the decline or death of the tree.

Tree Fertilization

Trees that grow in a natural environment tend to be healthier. The main reason for this is because the organic layer that covers the forest floor is undisturbed. The organic layer is a giant compost pile. The compost is used by the trees for nutrients.

Tree Health Care

Trees are valuable assets for your landscape. As such, they require long-term, quality care in order to provide return on your investment. A THC program accomplishes this by using specialized monitoring and problem-solving methods designed to prevent high-cost tree replacement in the long run.

All About Trees

Sapsucker Damage

Every summer I receive calls about damage to trees and shrubs. The caller usually believes that an insect is the culprit of the damage. I ask some questions after hearing the concerns of the caller. What parts of the plant are damaged? What does the damage look like? Is the damage linear or in rows?