Tree Surgery

Tree surgery covers three basic fields: cabling, bracing, and cavity capping.

Cabling is when cables are installed in the tree to help reduce forces to a limb crotch area. Cables need to be installed in the proper location and with the proper material. More harm can come from improper installed cables than leaving the tree alone.

Bracing is when holes are drilled into the trunk, usually around limb attachments, and bolts are installed though the tree. Bracing assists cabling, bracing is usually performed with cabling.

Cavity capping is just like what it sounds like. Cavities are cleaned and covered with concrete but other material can be used. This service has very limited applications and is not usually warranted. Improper cavity capping or filling will cause many more problems than it fixes.

These services require a separate license (Tree Surgery) from the State of Alabama. Verify that your provider is licensed.

Key Benefits

  • Safety
  • Health
  • Appearance

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