Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

Although we consider every option to preserve your trees, sometimes due to generally poor condition, inappropriate location, unacceptable risk or other criteria, removal is simply the best management option. Some removal projects are quite routine, while others require highly technical skills including working around utility lines, complex rigging or the use of large cranes. Ickes Tree Service employees arborists and tree workers with all the skills necessary to safely complete the most difficult and hazardous removals.

We are equipped to grind any size stump.

We can also assist with the planting of a replacement tree where appropriate.

Key Benefits

  • Safety for homes, buildings, and people
  • Remove hotspots for insects and disease
  • Increased light, space, and nutrients for other trees

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Teaching basic tree removal techniques

Gary Ickes teaching municipal employees basic tree removal methods.

All About Trees

Sapsucker Damage

Every summer I receive calls about damage to trees and shrubs. The caller usually believes that an insect is the culprit of the damage. I ask some questions after hearing the concerns of the caller. What parts of the plant are damaged? What does the damage look like? Is the damage linear or in rows? […]