Client Testimonials

“While at work a neighbor notified me that a large limb from one of my oak trees had fallen and landed on my roof. I knew from past experiences that Ickes Tree Service provides quality work and is very knowledgeable about the health of trees. I notified them of my problem and within the hour Gary Ickes had visited my property, sent me photos of the limb on the house, and given me a quote. Before I came home from work the limb had been removed from my house and the debris had been picked up from my yard. I trust Ickes Tree Service. I feel confident that their work is in my best interest and the health of the tree.”

Tracy W.
Fairhope, Alabama


“I just had 12 large pine trees removed from my property. Several of these were very large and close to the house. Thank you to all the Ickes crew who did an awesome job in a professional and responsible way. Thank you Ickes Tree “Service.

Judy S.
Fairhope, Alabama


“I called several local tree services and got estimates. I not only got the best price from Ickes; I got a fantastic job done by a team of professionals. They have the equipment and know-how and work in a very safe manner. If you need tree work call the best as I did!”

Harry A.
Fairhope, Alabama


The crew came this afternoon and did a prompt professional job.

Mark F.
Summerdale, AL

Ickes was very knowledgeable, clean, courteous, professional, and provided great service. Gary and the guys can put to remove 4 trees in my fenced in yard. Not only was the team very professional, they took excellent care of my yard and left everything in better shape than when they got there. I highly recommend this team for all of your tree needs.


Brad C.


All About Trees

Sapsucker Damage

Every summer I receive calls about damage to trees and shrubs. The caller usually believes that an insect is the culprit of the damage. I ask some questions after hearing the concerns of the caller. What parts of the plant are damaged? What does the damage look like? Is the damage linear or in rows? […]