Ickes Tree Service, Inc is a dedicated, full service tree care company — family owned and operated. We have been serving Baldwin County since 1979. Ickes Tree Service, Inc was founded by Gary Ickes Sr. in 1969 at Bradford, Pennsylvania. Gary Ickes Sr. semi-retired in the summer of 1992 allowing Gary R Ickes II to manage and operate the business. In 1999, Gary R Ickes II purchased the business.

The President, Gary R Ickes II, is an:


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Gary R Ickes II became an ISA Certified Arborist in 1999. Gary became the first I.S.A. Board Certified Master Arborist in Alabama on April 21, 2005 and still the only I.S.A Board Certified Master Arborist in the State of Alabama. In January of 2010, Gary became an I.S.A. Municipal Specialist. In April of 2010, Gary became a Certified Treecare Safety Professional with Tree Care International Association.

On January 22, 2009, Gary R Ickes II became the President-Elect for the Alabama Urban Forestry Association for 2009. During the 2009 AUFA Conference, Gary became the President for AUFA for the 2009-2010 period. It has been a great honor to be nominated and elected for this privilege.

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Sapsucker Damage

Every summer I receive calls about damage to trees and shrubs. The caller usually believes that an insect is the culprit of the damage. I ask some questions after hearing the concerns of the caller. What parts of the plant are damaged? What does the damage look like? Is the damage linear or in rows? […]