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To determine the impact on the affected plants, develop plans to mitigate the impact on the plants, and develop a program to maintain or increase plant health.


During & Post Construction

Determine the effect of construction on the plants and develop a plan of action to care for the plants



Determine the value of a plant by examining the plant, site, and condition


Tree Inventory

Locate trees on map with GPS or GIS. Rate health and structure, and recommend care


Tree Survey

Rate health and structure and recommend care


Risk/Hazard Assessment

Evaluate and rate structure and failure potential of a plant and recommend care or action


Standards of Care

General plant care language for programs and controls


Prescription of Care

Detailed plant care language for single, multiple, or groups of trees for care programs, contracts or legal activities


Expert Witness

Provide detailed legal testimony, reports, or evidence


Standards & Safety

Evaluate application of ANSI standards for tree care and safety. Provide guidelines to fully and properly implement those standards

Reports, either written or verbal, will be supplied to document the evaluation or consultation. Written reports can be provided in form, letter, or booklet methods with supporting documentation. Reports will be written to support the facts not a predetermined outcome.